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About Dr. Colleen Lindstrom D.C.

In 1999, Dr. Colleen Lindstrom made the choice to witness miracles every day. After she read a book devoted to healing miracles (achieved through the chiropractic adjustment), she packed her bags. She moved from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, to Marietta, Georgia, to attend Life Chiropractic College. During Chiropractic school, she participated in pediatric adjusting seminars led by the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association, ICPA, and attended anything inspirational by the leaders in the Chiropractic realm. After attending a Chiropractic Mastery camp, Dr. Lindstrom was compelled to transfer to the West Coast and attend Life Chiropractic College West. She immersed herself in the profound studies of Chiropractic art, science, and philosophy. In 2003, she traveled to El Salvador on a Chiropractic mission trip to serve the greater good. While practicing for 10 hours and serving more than 100 people at her sight per day, she met her first women Chiropractic mentor, Dr. Rebecca Nystrom. Dr. Colleen Lindstrom came home and began her studies with Dr. Rebecca Nystrom while finishing school. After graduation in 2004, she continued to grow her practice at Nystrom Chiropractic. Shortly after starting her healing practice, she fell in love, married, and had two home-birthed children.

This chapter of her life brought forth new inspiration, knowledge, and wisdom. Dr. Colleen began studying pregnancy and pediatric Cranial Sacral Technics and Myofascial Unwinding with the ICPA-certified teacher, Dr. Carol Philips. She learned the ‘Webster Breech Turning Technique’ and infant care, helping 100s of babies with feeding, sleeping, autism, and reflux issues. This newly mastered technique facilitated even more miracles. She began writing published articles for the Southern Marin Mothers Club, holding monthly group meetings for the ‘Marin Parents Resource Networking Group’ and became an active member of La Leche League, supporting moms and breastfeeding. She opened her first Chiropractic practice, The Life Studio, in Sausalito, California, in 2008. She’s created an enormous healing community in Marin County, serving families with alternative wellness care. She received the Best Chiropractor in Marin three years in a row from the Pomegranate Parents Center.

In 2013, her interest in helping people self-heal led her to the healing modality Quantum-Touch. In 2015, she began feeling energy off the body. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. In 2015, she began studying 'Your Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine' and became a certified Level 4 Energy Medicine Practitioner and a Teacher of The Edge Practice workshop. This technique brought many more miracle experiences. 2016 Dr. Colleen Lindstrom opened her second location in Point Reyes National Seashore, California, called Nuchii (New Chii).

After 20 years in healing practice, she has created the most advanced In-person and Remote healing technique. This 21 century-leading energy medicine includes the essence of Chiropractic, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Sacred Anatomy, Energy Medicine, and Spiritual Psychology. A fully W-holistic integrative approach that addresses your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health combined with Community Support and Higher Education. 

From a Doctor of Chiropractic to a Future Doctor of Divinity, She is currently mastering the Laws of the Universe and Spiritual Psychology in her Doctor of Divinity program. 
She has created the All-Inclusive healing experience in the Concierge Medicine Program.

Her current projects include a new book, ‘Live Life Aligned.’ 
Dr. Colleen Lindstrom is committed to your and your family's healing. She partners with you in transformation using all of her learned tools and her innate ability to hold space for the miracles.

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Healing Style 

You are a Soul with a Body.

Heal your body and soul.

From Doctor of Chiropractic to Future Doctor of Divinity. I have created the most advanced In-person and Remote healing technique. This leading 21 21st-century energy Medicine Technique includes the Essence of Chiropractic, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine, and Spiritual Psychology. A fully W-holistic integrative approach that addresses your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health combined with Community Support and Higher Education.

After 20 years of serving in my healing practice, I have created an all-inclusive remote and in-person healing technique to support you and your family. The Concierge Medicine Program is designed to take you from healing from within to creating the life of your dreams.

1-on-1 healing sessions hold a way to facilitate transformational growth on a consistent and continued basis across your life. Our partnership may focus on any of the major themes and issues that matter to you: life purpose, career path, health challenges, relationships, significant transitions, spiritual evolvement, and personal growth at the deepest levels—addressing the invisible forces that you have feeling stuck, plateaued, or chasing your tail. Through a committed partnership, we can remove obstacles blocking you, experiencing a more fulfilled and self-realized existence. Issues that have haunted or plagued you for years can radically shift without the need to dissect or relive past trauma. It's not without work but more about opening to grace and a sustained commitment to growth, healing, and self-care. Every session includes instruction and mentorship in the simple practices that strengthen your intuitive skills and access to your most profound wisdom. Typical sessions take place via video, phone, or in person. The benefits of the work are immediate, and within 5-12 sessions, you can significantly shift the trajectory and experience of your life. You'll have more energy, precise direction, assertive boundaries, and feel more awake in your ability to contribute to the world. People around you will notice, relationships will improve, and the quality of your aliveness will magnify.

Weekly Community Support calls provide a coming together in unity to learn the Laws of the Universe, discuss them, share, pray, and meditate. These calls allow individuals to feel seen and acknowledged for their gifts. These weekly calls also provide time for questions.

Higher education includes You-niveristy teachings, -The Study of You, and additional video library recordings to help you expand your consciousness.

“You are who and what you are because you already hold the secrets of wellness in your Human Energy Structure, and you can consciously choose to expand into your own potential." 

~Desda Zuckerman~


“Are you serious!!!  I feel like I have waited my whole life time for this moment of transformational clarity.  When Colleen and I had our session, I had no idea my structure would guide her to support exactly what I needed.  With her skills and ability to witness and hear me, I shifted on the deepest level.  The wound of loneliness from childhood was brought to my awareness and cleared!  Just like that, no drama, no trauma.  Just pure conscience and then she said “are you ready to let go of this”? I said, “yes” and it was gone.  We follow up for two more, short check ins and I feel complete... completely free and completely grounded.  I know my lives purpose and creation are completely supported. Thank you Dr. Colleen, forever grateful!”

-Rahya L.



“I have been working with, Dr. Colleen, for the past, 6 months and I can honestly say, ‘I am a new man’.  I started with Colleen several years ago receiving, chiropractic care and cranial sacral which immensely helped my neck and increased my range of motion.  She even taught me how to sit at my desk and sleep properly.  It’s her new work, core individuation that took me to a new level!  I felt more like myself and at first, I was unsure who that person was.  Colleen supported me though the transformational process. She helped me achieve my health goals and life goals, above and beyond.  Colleen is a true, straight up, no bull shit healer.  I recommend her to everyone who is searching for a more authentic life. 

-Zac M. 




“My family and I are grateful to have Dr. Colleen as our primary source of health care.  We feel blessed to have a doctor that is interested in healing the whole being and curious about the, WHY?  She honors each one of us and our innate ability to heal naturally.  She is so gentle and loving, all of our 5 children love her!  I really can’t say enough.  I think she is the doctor of the future, no drugs, no medicine, just pure source energy, wisdom and compassion.  I recommend her to all, especially if you are interested living a healthy, full life.

-Laura B.




"I had my first healing session with Colleen shortly after ending a long relationship. She asked me if I wanted to do it, maybe intuiting that I could benefit from this kind of work. That's what I love about Colleen, she feels it all, and knows when something is up for you. She checks in and opens space for you to realize it too. On several occasions she knew when I wasn't feeling good. I was feeling stuck in my process, heart sick, or prickly, feeling disconnected or tipping on the cliff of scarcity, and we would set up a session. I would come out of sessions feeling tired and tender,  like something mysterious and also so beautiful and sacred had occurred. Colleen encouraged me to take care, rest, eat. And slowly so much became revealed to me. Greater connection to self, to the earth, in my relationships. Boundaries of respect and love came up around me, and the barriers around my heart began to melt away, creating openness to so much more love. I thank Colleen for helping me drop into myself. Both her lovely healing spaces, Sausalito: The Life Studio, and Point Reyes: Nuchii, make me feel held, inspired and serene.  I know she is there when I need a reminder to stay in myself, and in my truth, as life happens!"

-Lucia D.


“Being a body worker myself and I have had many healing sessions. I have never had a session as profound as I have had with Dr. Colleen.  Her sessions help me feel good in my body but what is so interesting is that, for the days to follow, I experience expansion and growth.  She always calls or texts me to check in.  I feel so supported, seen and heard.  I know when I am not feeling good, or something is up in my life, I can make an appointment and gain clarity and release.  She is really magical.  I’m so grateful to have found her.  And more grateful to have her support moving forward in my life, aware and alive”.

-Liz W.




“I worked with Dr. Colleen with my infant for acid reflux and again during my 3rd pregnancy.  I cannot express enough what a difference it made.  During my first two births I experienced back-labor. When I started having sever pubic symphysis pain around 28 weeks my Mid-wife recommended I see Dr. Colleen again.  At our appointment I shared with her I did not like adjustments, she said, “Thank you so much for telling me, I am here to partner with you”.  I received so much relief and my birth was a success, way different and less painful than the first two.  The combination of activator chiropractic, craniosacral and energy work was the perfect recipe.  I am currently working with Colleen to support my new born and my other children emotionally, mentally and physically.  With Dr. Colleen, on our family’s team, I feel we can move though any of life’s challenges”.

-Lexi B.

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