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Embodied Soul Meditations


Adult Meditation

This meditation is for existing clients, new clients, and anyone ready to take their health and life back into their own hands.
I designed this meditation to give you an experience of your soul's energy and allow you to embody your essence. I invite you to get comfortable, sit or lie down flat and allow your consciousness to expand. 

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Teen Meditation

I work with numerous teenagers and young adults; many already know they are more than just this physical body. I created this FREE 'Embodied Soul' meditation to support you on your journey and to remind you that you are magnificent right to the divine core of your being. Find a quiet space, sit or lie down and expand.


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Child Meditation

My healing practice includes the pregnant mother, the newborn baby, and the toddler through all the stages of life. I created this meditation to help you remember who you are, Beloved child. I am honored to support you right from the beginning. Play this meditation before a nap or before bedtime. 

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