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Heal Your Energy. Heal Your Life.

Provide yourself and your family with the most extraordinary healing experience. Dr. Colleen's remote and in-person healing technique supports health in all aspects: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. Set yourself and your family up for success. Make your most significant wealth your family's health.


The Healer with You Everywhere You Go!

Colleen Lindstrom is a healer for the 21st century. Her In-Person and Remote healing technique will support you and your family heal where ever you are in the world. 24/7 Support.

Program Includes:



Mission to support individuals and families across the globe in taking their health and lives back into their own hands through personalized in-person and remote healing sessions, Higher Education, and Community Evolution.


Colleen Lindstrom is a healer for the 21st century. She works with individuals, families, pregnancies, infants, and children to align and heal all aspects of health: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Her healing sessions, accompanied by Higher Education and Community Evolution, will partner with you to achieve your healing goals and take your life back into your own hands. Her holistic, integrative approach blends the Essence of Chiropractic, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Myofascial Unwinding, Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine, and Spiritual Psychology.

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Aden Courtney, CA

"Dr. Colleen was the first person to help me clear the darkness and trauma in my life. I was feeling heavy and possessed. She helped me become aware of what was happening and allowed me to shine my light on the situation to heal. And this was all in the first session. There was more to do, but I left that visit hopeful and knew I had found the correct Doctor to help me on my journey. Soon after I started working with Dr. Colleen, I attended a Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Workshop that she was co-teaching. During the workshop, I got so sick and had to go outside. Dr. Colleen came out and did a healing; I fully recovered in 30 min. 
I love my in-person and remote healing with her; Both are just as powerful. I feel her dedication to supporting me in my fullest expression and all aspects of my health. After our sessions, I am revitalized, inspired, and full of visions for the future.
Thank you, Dr. Colleen, for seeing me and my glory. 
I'm so grateful we found each other this lifetime."

Kathy Helms, FL

"I have worked with Dr. Colleen for fifteen years. I would always receive a treatment when I was in town and would feel so much better. I am a flight attendant. I work long hours, long days, and long weeks. I often have a history of neck and shoulder pain due to repetitive injuries. I recently got reended in an MVA. My general Doctor requested an MRI and started me with therapy. I called Dr. Colleen, and we started remote sessions. After the first session, my six-day-long headache was gone. I could move my neck more and was hopeful I would recover fully. I'm so grateful I always have proper healing support available anywhere and everywhere I travel in the world.

Renee Sheppard, CA

"My family has been working with Dr. Colleen for seven-plus years. She has helped us heal from tailbone injuries, stomach issues, dislocated ribs, allergies to high stress, high blood pressure, and much more in between. Her ability to help heal all different ailments amazes me. When we first started seeing her, she was an exceptional Chiropractor using her intuitive skills through gentle cranial sacral and myofascial unwinding, and soon, she was clearing the energy of dis-ease in the field of Your Sacred Anatomy. Since she moved away, we have been working with her remotely. I can't tell if I like in-person or remote healing better. Her technique is powerful wherever I am in the world. She is a truly gifted healer, paving the way for alignments and energy healing's future. We are so grateful to have her as our family healer.
I'm looking forward to what she will bring to us all with her new venture, Doctor of Divinity."
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