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The Light Within Foundation


The Light Within Foundation




Dr. Colleen Lindstrom DC, Board Members (forming), Teaming with Local Marin and San Francisco health care Practitioners.



‘The Light Within Foundation’ vision has birthed itself from my mission, to help all beings remember their light.  Our physical bodies are composed of congealed light, and through the teachings of Coreindividuation, Craniosacral, and Chiropractic, I have gained knowledge that this is in fact, TRUE. It is my intention to share this information with the masses by holding space monthly with alternative practitioners in an open clinic setting and holding workshops to teach people about their light, their core, and their sacred anatomy. It is my deep knowing that when all beings are living with their lights, they will be sharing their gifts and creating a harmonious peaceful existence for all.



Marin, North America and around the World.



Fall/Winter 2018

“Matter is nothing more than congealed light." 

~Paramahansa Yognanda~

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