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Yin is IN!

We must rest

Yin is to yang, as light is to dark, as male is to female. All Divine in nature. The duality of all life has to offer creates harmony, balance and power.  This striving for balance exists in every cell in the physical body it is defined as, homeostasis, /homee’stases/  the tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological process.


“Yin” tissues of the physical body are our ligaments, joints, deep fascial networks and our bones.  Yin works with the deeper tissues of the body.  Yin yoga is specifically designed to honor ones own physical alignments, to exercise the ligaments, to regain space and strengthen the joints.  Yin proves physical, mental, emotional, energetic benefits and for many a spiritual experience.


As we practice Yin, we create space for transformation of our tissues that lead to increased energy, longevity and vitality.


THE THREE TATTVAS of Yin Yoga practice:

Tattvas- the reality of a thing or principal nature.


  1. Allow yourself to come into the pose, as appropriate to your knowing and DEPTH.

  2. Allow yourself the STILLNESS.

  3. Allow yourself to hold the pose for TIME.  Time in the the magic!


What to expect?

All levels welcome. 

Class will begin with a short meditation and offering.  Then we will begin the practice and drop into poses for approximately 4 min.   During each pose, you will be invited to listen to your body and hear your body’s edge.  As you look around the room each person will look different in the same pose.  We will use props, blocks and bolsters to support our edge.  We will close with a meditation/Shavasana and a blessing.  Namaste /  1. the light in me witnesses the light in you.

“I’d like to call Colleen’s, Yin Yoga Class and Meditation, my church of oneness!  During this 1 hour and 15 minute class, I give myself permission to slow down and receive.  As I allow myself the quite time, in my body, I notice my inspiration begins to flow.  I receive insights and answers to burning questions.  I hear my inner voice.  I leave the class feeling like a weeks vacation.  The yoga is easy and effortless as well as nurturing and deep.  All the students look different because the yoga is honoring our own experience and body, what a concept!  This is the one time in the week I give myself quite time to replenish, recharge and re-inspire myself.  Hope to see you there!”

-Kristi L.

“My, favorite yoga class...your class really compliments my other meditation classes.  A quiet time during the week when I can hear my spirit guides & learn from my intuition.  Last week was a miracle...getting in touch with my mom pre-birth, she is 90 & any way I can enhance our relationship at this point is big.  Thank you, Colleen for holding space for me to have these experiences”.

-David M.

"We don’t use our body to get into a pose,

we use the pose to get into our body."

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